Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hello to All, A big welcome back to all the third class in Room 8! The Girls in Room 8 have got straight back into the groove this year. Here is a snap shot of some of the fun things the girls have been doing since there joyous return to school in September. We have completed out self portraits and our crepe paper 'Colours of Winter Creations'. We have also been impressing other teachers in the school with our lining up and hard work and we have moved up on our Ludo board. Keep up all the great work girls. Go room 8 ... probably the best class in the world!!!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Goodbye 3rd class!

Dear third class, 
You're all very special girls 
And I wanted you to know, 
How I loved to be your teacher, 
How fast the year did go! 
Please come back to visit me
As through the classes you grow, 
Try hard to learn all you can, 
There is so much to know!
The one I tried to teach you 
To last your whole life through, 
Is to know that you are special, 
Just because you are you!

Best wishes, 
Miss Fitzpatrick 

End of year awards

This evening in class we had our own awards ceremony. Every one in the class received an individual prize and certificate. Well done everyone! 

         Award                            Winner 
Little Miss Sunshine          Leanne
Little Miss Giggles          Courtney
Fantastic Friend                  Elizabeta
Homework Hero                  Armanda
Princess of Politeness          Patricija
Super Smile                          Amaze
Dancing Queen                  Leyza
Best Irish Speaker          Evelina
Awesome Artist                 Andzelika
Most Improved                 Teresa
Ravenous Reader                 Grainne
Sports Star                         Brooke
Splendid Skip Counter  Ese
Mega Mathematician        Saoirse
Handsome Handwriting Lenka
Little Miss Helpful         Anna 
Super Speller                        Shantel
Queen of Questions        Denisa
Little Miss Tidy                Amy
Speedy Gonzalez                Ella
Best Newcomer                Naomi
Problem Solver of the year  Nora
Student of the Year       Mecheile 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Friday, 7 June 2013

Redesigning Mr Tayto

3rd class decided to try their hand at redisgning Mr Tayto. They had lots of creative ideas.

Our School Tour - the best bits!

My favorite thing on the school tour was going into the vertex tunnel, it was fun.
-     Eseoghene Okpaje.

The thing I liked was going on the mining game. You gave them the tokens and they gave you the sand. Then they put the sand in your basket you put the basket in the water and see what crystals you get. It was great fun.
-      Amaze Grace Losaria

My favorite thing on our school tour was the zip line at the start it was scary but in the end it was very fun.
-     Patricija Vaitkute

The best thing about my school tour was the zip line it was up high and I said woohoo!
-     Grainne caffrey

My favorite thing about the school tour was going on the zip line I went to the top I was so high up but I enjoyed it. It was so cool, I loved it. It was fun.
-     Mecheile smith.

The best thing in tayto park was the vortex tunnel there were lots of lights inside it, it was amazing!

My favorite thing about school tour was going on the zip line it was very high and I was scared but it was fun.
-     Andzelika Petkute

The best thing about Tayto Park was the air jumpers. You go up really high in the air. I t was scary!

My favorite thing in Tayto Park was the Zip Line. It was really fun, it felt like if you were flying
- Lenka

My favorite thing in Tayto Park was the air jumpers because I liked to go high.
- Elizabeta Geiba

My favorite thing in Tatyo Park was the playground slides it felt like you were in a tin. It was classic!
-     Courtney

My favorite thing about Tayto park was the zip line. It was so high and scary I felt like crying, LOL!
-     Amy

My favorite thing in tayto park was the zipline because I liked going high.
-     Nora

My favorite thing about tayto park was the zip line because it went so fast OMG LOL
-     Brooke Judge

My favorite thing about Tayto Park was visiting the animals because they were cool.
-     Shantel Camora

My favorite part about tayto park was doing the crystals it was so cool and I got a piece of gold. 
By Evelina Koncuite

My favorite part about the tayto park was when I went to the gift shop I bought a snow globe with Mr Tayto in it and I got a pen and a pencil. I had a great time
-     Armanda.Krupeninaite

My favorite thing at Tayto Park was the Eagle Sky. I went up on the lower level. It was so windy up there. Me and Aine were on the same level. I had great fun.
-     Saoirse Caffrey

My favorite parts were the zip-line and the slide.
-     Naomi Ward

My favorite was the big climbing wall and the mining creek. It was great.
- Leyzanelle Pedregosa

Friday, 24 May 2013

Cavan Traveller Pride Awards 2013

Congratulations to Anna who received an award for her outstanding contribution to the homework club. Well done Anna - we're all so proud of you!